APW James Northfield Lithography Scholarship

Barbie Kjar proofing in APW Access Studio 2016Barbie Kjar proofing in APW Access Studio 2016 Barbie Kjar proofing in APW Access Studio 2016

Barbie Kjar proofing in APW Access Studio 2016 Barbie Kjar proofing in APW Access Studio 2016


Since 2015, Australian Print Workshop has partnered with the James Northfield Heritage Art Trust to offer  a scholarship program to honour the art of the late James Northfield and lithography.

In keeping with the wishes of the scholarship benefactor, the APW James Northfield Lithography Scholarship is awarded to contemporary women artist/printmakers who wish to develop their practice in the area of lithography and aims to:

  • Facilitate opportunities for the art of lithography to be practised;
  • Encourage women artists to gain, explore and/or enhance lithographic printmaking skills which produce works that resonate with the vibrant intensity of James Northfield’s lithographic poster art;
  • In the spirit of James Northfield’s ability to create artworks which feature excellent design and composition and his long career of producing travel posters which speak to place, space and time, the scholarship also aims to encourage artists to consider their own expression of place, space and time via the fine art medium of lithography;
  • Awarding the scholarship to a woman printmaker who resides in Australia is a small but symbolic step to redressing an evidence-based imbalance in the career opportunities for women artists practising in Australia.

This scholarship program provides:

  • Tuition - free enrolment in an APW lithography course;
  • Studio Access - rent-free use of the professional printmaking facilities and equipment of the Australian Print Workshop Print Studio Access Program;
  • Lithography Facilities & Equipment - access to APW’s professional lithography facilities and equipment including electric and manual lithographic presses, a collection of over 100 lithographic stones, specialist nap rollers and other essential lithography facilities and tools;
  • Mentoring - technical advice and assistance provided by APW’s highly skilled Printers.

This scholarship program is by invitation only.


Scholarship recipients include:

2023:  August Carpenter

2020:  Katherine Hattam

2019:   Barbie Kjar

2018:  Jaime Powell

2017:  Annalise Mayer

2016:  Violeta Capovska

2015:  Sophie Westerman


A selection of limited edition fine art prints by artists who have been awarded Australian Print Workshop Scholarships are available for purchase from the APW Gallery and online through the APW Printstore.