Janice Murray

Australian Print Workshop awarded the 2017 APW Collie Print Trust Printmaking Fellowship to Janice Murray from Milikapiti, Melville Island, one of the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin, Northern Territory.  

Janice Murray working with APW Senior Printer Martin King

Janice Murray with her work 'Pinjoma Jilamarini' (Barn Owl) 

Jilamarini Tirrintirri (coloured Burdekin Ducks) and Kawukawung (Female Bush Turkey) - works Janice Murray produced as part of her APW Collie Fellowship

Janice is well known for her exceptional graphic interpretations of traditional Tiwi Island cultural motifs including birds, body and ceremonial decoration.

The APW Collie Fellowship provided an opportunity for Janice to work intensively with APW Printers Martin King and Simon White at Australian Print Workshop in Melbourne. It was a very productive period, with Janice producing ten new large format etchings, based on the birds of the Tiwi Islands. 

These works were launched in a major solo exhibition held at APW Gallery 29 July – 4 October 2017. They are available for viewing and purchasing through APW's Printstore.