Artist-in-Residence Program

Australian Print Workshop offers an occasional Artist-in-Residence Program, when the APW Visiting Artist Apartment isn't required for an APW Project (and resources allow).

APW Artist-in-Residence opportunities are advertised via APW's website and social media.


Artist apartment dining area

Australian Print Workshop Artist-in-Residence Program Artists may be offered the following opportunities:


APW Artists-in-Residence are provided with ‘rent free’ accommodation in the APW Visiting Artist Studio and Self-Contained Apartment for the duration of their residency.


Studio Access

APW Artists-in-Residence are provided with ‘rent free’ use of the APW Access Print Studio for the duration of their residency.

Australian Print Workshop Access Print Studio provides artists with access to a wide range of professional printmaking equipment and facilities. APW Access Print Studio offers professional printmaking facilities for etching, lithography, relief printing and monoprinting. The Studio is well-ventilated and air-conditioned, and provides a friendly and relaxed environment in which to work and to meet other artists.

Studio access during the residency is non-exclusive, with access to the studio being shared with other artists. The Access Print Studio is open for community use from Wednesday to Saturday (9am -5pm). APW Workshop staff are available to assist with technical queries during these times. In addition to these times, the APW Artist-in-Residence may also use the Access Print Studio on Mondays & Tuesdays (9am-5pm) provided that the Studio is not required for APW Special Projects or APW Education Programs. Please note that due to OH&S, access to the Access Print Studio facilities will not be possible outside of usual business hours.

Processing materials provided by APW include: Acid (Ferric Chloride), Turpentine, Methylated Spirits, Shellac, Grounds: soft & hard, Grit for Litho Stone Graining, Aquatint Rosin, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Whiting, Salt etc.

When using the APW Access Print Studio you will need to provide the following: printing paper, newsprint, ink, tarlatan, rags, plates etc. These supplies are readily available at art stores within walking distance of APW. Many of these items are also available for purchase from the APW convenience store (including: newsprint, tarlatan, copper, gum arabic and rags).

APW Access Print Studio facilities include

  • Hilton manual etching press (bed size 165cm x 100cm)
  • Hilton manual etching press (bed size 168cm x 100cm)
  • Antique etching press (bed size 88cm x 38cm)
  • Albion press for relief printing (platen size 60cm x 45cm)
  • Albion press for relief printing (platen size 48.5cm x 37cm)
  • Columbian press for relief printing (platen size 50cm x 40cm)
  • Takach-Garfield motorized lithography press (bed size 176cm x 100cm)
  • Takach-Garfield manual lithography press (bed size 142cm x 85cm)
  • Over 100 lithography stones (sizes from 18x30cm to 73x102cm)
  • Graining sink and 2 levigators (for graining lithography stones)
  • Guillotine for cutting metal plates
  • Quality rollers, brayers and leather nap rollers (from 9cm to 90cm wide)
  • Ventilated process room with fume extraction
  • Ferric chloride baths (maximum size 125cm x 98cm) for etching copper
  • Aquatint box
  • Large stainless steel sink for soaking paper
  • 2 Hotplates
  • Light box
  • Large drying rack and drying boards
  • Expansive bench space
  • Fume extraction system and Nederman for localized fume extraction


Travel allowance

When APW resources allow, APW Artists-in-Residence are provided with a financial contribution towards their travel and living-away-from-home costs.

APW Artists-in-Residence may choose to use this contribution to pay for return airfares or return train travel to Melbourne. The remainder can be used as a contribution towards other living-away-from-home costs such as meals and/or local transport.

Please note that there is no car parking available at APW and parking options in the area are very expensive and/or inconvenient. Public transport is easy to access. The #86 tram travels along Gertrude Street and stops 50 meters from APW. The train is also only a short walk from APW.


Print collaboration

APW Artists-In-Residence are sometimes also offered the opportunity to produce a small number of original limited edition fine art prints in collaboration with APW Printers during their residency that are published by APW.

APW covers the costs associated with production of these fine art prints including provision of APW Printers, access to APW Printing workshop facilities, printmaking materials and all other workshop overheads. 

Working in collaboration with an APW Printer, the APW Artist-in-Residence will have the opportunity to complete a small number of limited edition fine art prints, each work is then printed in an edition (plus proofs). Ownership of the resulting edition/s is usually split evenly between the Artist and APW.

A detailed scope for the print collaboration project is confirmed following consultation with the Artist-in-Residence.


Conditions of Residency

APW Artist-In-Residency program is for a set period of time, and must be undertaken during the agreed timeframe.

Dates for the residency are non-transferable.

APW Visiting Artist Studio and Self-contained Apartment are for the use of program recipients only (the space has been designed for single occupancy).

Use of APW Access Print Studio is non-exclusive and successful applicants will be required to abide by the work practices of the APW Studio.

Prior to using APW Access Print Studio successful applicants will be required to attend an Access Print Studio orientation session. This session will cover OH&S and the safe usage of studio equipment and materials. It will also cover the booking system for the studio.

All artists using APW Access Print Studio are required to sign an APW Print Studio Artist agreement form before they use the APW studio.

APW Artists-In-Residence are asked to donate a representative example of their work (produced by the artist during their residency) to APW for its archive. This work is to be designated as an APW proof and is printed extra to any editions printed.

At the conclusion of their residency, recipients agree to complete a brief report about their project. The report is to be submitted to APW to assist with ongoing project evaluation and is due 1 month after the residency has been completed.