Vicki Couzens

Australian Print Workshop awarded the 2018 APW Collie Print Trust Fellowship to Vicki Couzens.

Vicki Couzens at APW

Vicki Couzens

'Noombapee' etching and lithograph; 'koorook karweeyr' etching with hand colouring

'Noombapee' etching and lithograph;     'koorook karweyr' etching with hand colouring

Community Workshop 2019

Vicki Couzens with participants in the Community Workshop 2019

Vicki Couzens is a Gunditjmara and Keerray Woorroong artist from Western Victoria. Vicki is a multi-disciplinary artist focused on strengthening her language and culture through her research and creative projects.  She was Artistic Director of the statewide Possum Skin Cloak project, associated with the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006.

The APW Collie Print Trust Printmaking Fellowship enabled Vicki to conceive an ambitious print based project launched as part of Melbourne’s program to celebrate the 2019 United Nations Year of Indigenous Languages. 

During 2018, Vicki collaborated with APW Printers to produce a suite of three large-scale prints that combined the print mediums of etching, lithography and photolithography. 

Vicki’s Fellowship project continued in 2019, when APW worked in partnership with Vicki to conduct a ‘community workshop’ with a group of Victorian First Nations artists, providing opportunities to extend the participants' printmaking knowledge and skills.