Benjamin Armstrong

The 2019 Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Printmaking Fellowship was awarded to Benjamin Armstrong.

Benjamin Armstrong with Martin King

Benjamin Armstrong working with APW Senior Printer, Martin King

For the APW Collie Trust Printmaking Fellowship, Ben produced a suite of 8 etchings including three large multi-plate etchings and five smaller multi-plate etchings.

Ben worked with APW printers to develop an approach to the etching process that involves the use of specialty pigments (Interference Pigments). APW printers developed a medium mixed with the specialty pigment that could be rolled onto a relief plate which was printed with the intaglio plates. The resulting editions were very successful, demonstrating APW’s commitment to working with artists to achieve innovative outcomes.

Benjamin Armstrong is a multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally. For Melbourne Now, (2013/14), National Gallery of Victoria Armstrong presented several large-scale works on paper. Charged with a mysterious and dynamic energy, his loose swirling watercolour forms signify creation and transformation, turbulence and instability, posing questions about our world, our geographies and our origins. 

The works Ben created as part of the Fellowship will be exhibited in APW Gallery in 2020.